Last project of the year ★

Just before Christmas I recieved a package from Lang Yarns. Spring/Summer Novelties filled with gorgeous yarns in beautiful colors.

Beautifully boxed
A selection of the contents

I have many favorite yarns in all sorts of qualities and from many different stockists but seldom does my heart skip a beat like it did at that moment when I unwrapped Asia. Asia is a Luxury yarn made from 70 % silk and 30 % Yak. It came in the most spectacular gold color and it had me right there. I was so eager to get started that I didn’t have time to take pictures of those gorgeous golden skeins.

A tassel is all that is left – here you go 🙂

Asia is quite costly and I wanted to make something that shows off just how beautiful the texture and shine is and can be used every day. Luckily I was in need of a new clutch for tonight – perfect timing if you ask me!

Chain from

I went with the Bubble Stitch pattern. I think it makes for such an interesting texture and a sturdy fabric which is perfect for clutches and totes. I love how the gold and purple melts together creating a gradient effect.

I kind of freestyled it, but there are a ton of free patterns available. Search for “hæklet boblemønster clutch” (Danish) // “Crochet Bubblestitch clutch” and choose a pattern.

Copper zipper bought at

I didn’t bother to line it with fabric. Instead I made some kind of embroidered stitch to cover up the Zipper seaming. It works nicely I think.

Most free patterns have directions for fabric lining if you’re prefer that but I really don’t think it is necessary.

Anyways I am ready for a big party tonight – me and my new Clutch. I wish you all a very happy New Years eve and may 2018 be filled with Love, Luck and Bliss ♥

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