Klokke Poncho




Danish weather is a tricky lady and when we pack for our summer holiday by the West Coast, we bring clothes for almost every season. Layering is essential because one minute the sun is burning and the next the winds are chilly.

Klokke poncho is the perfect layering piece. With it’s casual fit and open front slits it goes smoothly on top of your leather jacket for fall and wool coat for winter. Its knitted top down using the contiguous method in a beautiful mix of Alpaka and Suri Alpaka from Sandnes garn.

This was one of my first designs that I’ve written for adults. It was inspired by a poncho I spotted on a stranger one day doing my grocery shopping. She looked quite stressed so I didn’t want to bother her. Instead I took a picture in all secrecy like a total stalker. Ha ha. The fit is inspired by a men’s coat hanging loosely on your shoulders. you know when you’re (me) on a romantic date and it’s getting chilly and he (Ryan Renolds) offers you his coat…. That’s the feeling you get when you wear this poncho!

It’s knitted in a perfect mix of soft Alpaka and fluffy Suri Alpaka which makes for a warm and still lightweight texture. The drape is medium heavy which still gives it enough hold to not look sloppy. The stripe sequences adds a little texture to the finished garment and you can easily add stripes and play with colors. Maybe change the color on just one of the yarns so you create a subtle stripe effect. I think I will try that in my next version.

The pattern can be bought on Ravelry. Click on the Ravelry button in the side menu or search for Klokke Poncho in the Ravelry search bar.

Most of my patterns are in Danish – I’m working on English translations and will announce them here on the blog when they are ready.

Happy Knitting

♥ Cecilie

Winter is coming


A true knitter is always preparing for winter no matter which season is present. Winter is coming… And thank god for that – when else would I be wrapping myself in heavy wool sweaters and chunky scarfs.

Ok, the Title might be a bit cheasy – but to be fair – Winter IS coming! Eventually anyways, and I’ve been preparing my fall/winter collection for quite some time now. Most of my new designs will be published in my upcoming knittingbook, but I’ve got a few releases over the next couple of Months which I’m excited to share with you.

As you have probably noticed I’ve made some changes to my site. The old shop was far to expensive and time consuming and to be honest I’ve missed blogging. I’m not at all settled yet, but I’ll get there as I go.

Over the next couple of months I will be presenting my designs and design process. I find these posts really inspiring with other bloggers and love to learn where they gain their inspiration from and how their designs evolve from sketch to finished garment. Stay tuned!

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Happy knitting

♥ Cecilie